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Matchthebox Finds Another Matchbox

And this is again the fault of Walmart for not releasing the Car Culture Cargo on their pegs.

I did not see this when I first found my first group of power grabs from my previous post. Then I saw the Lamley group opening up a Matchbox case and I saw all the models that I found and like including this Honda. Then I realized that someone must have gotten all the Honda castings. Tonight I went to another Walmart hoping to find the Cargo Carriers but instead found this lone Honda in what was left of the power grab case. I really appreciate who ever left it for the next person to find it.


And I also found a few Racing Champions. Usually I ignore this brand as the castings and the choice of wheels are usually not my type but these ones were a surprise. And to top if off, these are indicated as new 2017 releases and the Honda is a 2017 model. Maybe 2017 is my lucky number and I should buy a lotto. :)

This one was a surprise as I’ve never seen this model release by any die cast company.
I remember I used to have a JL version of this under their Christmas Ornament theme but sold it.
I may not have found the Matchbox Chevy pickup but this model does come close.

I’m not sure but even though it indicated as new, it seems like some of these were previously released before may be under JL.

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