I stopped by the Mattel headquarters in El Segundo last Saturday since I had to pick up my uncle from the airport down the street. They also had a ginormous tent sale. This is how it went.

Let’s start with the tent sale first since it was more interesting and I believe it something that doesn’t occur that often. Here were all the diecast items available at the tent.


I guess the Matchbox 3-packs were okay but there was nothing really interesting in those 3-packs. They’re set 3-packs like the HW 5-packs and don’t contain random cars like the HW 3-packs do. Pretty much just military and farm vehicles. Nothing worth my money even at 60% off.

The store itself? I didn’t take any photos of the inside. Basically the HWs mainline selection was like my local Target but with a higher concentration of fantasy castings, 10% higher price, and a sign that said limit one of each HW per person. Everything else was pretty much Monster Jam pegwarmers and playsets.


There were also a few HWC releases, I believe the Purple Passion Convertible and AMC Packer Gremlin or whatever it was called. I pulled out my phone a looked up how much they were worth on eBay. Discovered I could actually buy them and get them shipped to my door from resellers for less than half the price they were selling them for at the store.

I didn’t leave empty-handed though. For whatever reason, there was a section with over a dozen pegs stocked with this Tesla Model S release and only this Tesla Model S. I bought one just for the sake of it.


I’m so glad I didn’t purposely make the drive just for the sake of checking out the store. I know I was trying to kill time but this was a waste of my time. Wish I went to the Ralphs (Kroger) instead where I could have at least gotten some snacks.