At least it was a surprise to me when I stumbled upon this Fast And Furious 6 Ford Escort with gold wheels and possibly rubber tires.

When Hot Wheels release their Fast And Furious mainline cars I had not stumbled upon a single one in our area. As I was checking on the die cast section in Target I saw this lying on the shelf alone. The thing that pop into my mind is one of those customized wheel swap hot wheels mainline that were being sold in high dollars in ebay. Thinking there should be more of this series I went further down and found the other Fast and Furious cars. I was only interested in the Ford Escort so I got this.

Came back home and started checking on the search engine for info about this release and everything just points to the regular mainline. Although released by Mattel it does not sport the Hot Wheels logo so technically this is not a Hot Wheel brand and the only brand indicated is Mattel. So if anyone knows of this mysterious release please share it with the group. Thanks.