This might be the only 2000C (or 2000CS) you will see this week. The “Typ 120" or “New Class Coupé” range, which comprised the BMW 2000 C and BMW 2000 CS, was built by Karmann for BMW from the summer of 1965 to 1969.

The model is by Dutch maker Efsi - previously known as Bestbox, these days known as Holland-Oto.

Image Public Domain

Of the 13,691 New Class coupés built between 1965 and the end of production in mid-1969, 9,999 were twin carburettor 2000 CS, 3,249 were single carburettor 2000 C with automatic transmission, and 443 were 2000 C with manual transmission.

Of course, this car spawned the far more famous E9 Coupes - but that’s another story.