We can do re-posts? Well, here’s one from a couple of years ago.

The model here is BMW’s first ever hatchback - the 02 Touring. It was released in 1971 to supplement the two-door sedans.

The Touring was not a success - it was discontinued in 1974, and no Touring model was ever offered on the first 3-Series Beemer, the E21.


A five-door Touring version was offered with the E30 series - but that was more of a wagon than a hatchback.

Schuco went all our when making the Touring version - they made an entirely new casting, incorporating a few mods like the quad lights of the tii version. The two sedans you see here are a 1602 and 2002. How can you tell the difference, you ask? Well, only by the paper insert on the bottom of the box... The models are identical!


The Touring model has been with me since it was new - that’s got to be close to more than 40 years now... The two sedans I bought as replacements for a silver one that didn’t survive my childhood quite in as good a condition as the Touring.


I hope you enjoyed the pics - I certainly loved taking them and remembering when you could buy these little beauties new in the shop.