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Mazda CX-5, Tomica vs Matchbox

Both great castings. The Tomy has the lovely suspension, but the MBX rolls better/faster. The MBX has slightly better details including badging, head- and taillight tampos and even a sunroof. The Tomy has richer Soul Red paint with more metal flake. They are pretty much exactly the same scale with the same wheelbase.

I’m wondering if these two castings are emulating different model years/trim levels, due to the Tomy having no sunroof and black B-pillar vs the sunroof and body colored B-pillar on the MBX; also note the fog lights on the MBX vs no fogs on the Tomy. I will say that the MBX’s big wheels more accurately represent what a real CX-5 is likely to be rolling on, but I still like the humble Tomy pizza cutters.

Oh, and the Tomy has an opening rear hatch!


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