Big things with little cars

Finally, after months of waiting the Mclaren F1 in it’s purest road-going form (give or take some GTR conversions) is in 1:64 form and in my hands. WHen I first saw the new Gran Turismo series I knew I’d have to get my hands on the F1 GTR it featured and do this. Having the plastic spoiler from the older casting made this so much easier. Took a while to find the wheels, but eventually I got those squared away, too. Thankfully for as off as it looked in photos/videos, the paint on this model is great, too, and very accurate to the real thing. THis is probably one of my favorite customs yet, up there with the Boneshaker wheelswap.


And here it is with my other “naked” F1 GTRs. Goddamn, imagine all the money in this photo if these were the 1:1 versions...

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