Here we have a Majorette McLaren 675LT. I knew this cast was good, but once I stripped the paint off it became great!!!! The details are amazing front to back. I couldn’t repaint over those details. Also my detail skills are lacking so it probably wouldn’t have been pretty. So I decided to polish it out. This cast was amazingly clean in terms on body lines so it only needed minimal sanding and the rest was done with steel wool. Then I cleared it with a satin clear to keep the look and protect it. The only thing I don’t like about this cast was the wheels. I dont get it, it’s one of the best casts Majoretter makes and they put the most basic wheels on it. Which leads to my next dilemma finding wheels for it. They were all either too small or too big. These ones fit pretty good but not totally amazing. In the end though I love this thing, I’m glad I pickedup a couple when I had the chance.


So much detail even my phone couldn’t focus.