Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Me vs. M2 part II-Threw in the ol' towel

Using facebook messenger, I have been in direct contact with M2 about their poor quality control. 18% of my sons M2's have had some sort of issue right out of the box/case/card, far above their quoted 1% issue that they told me and I posted about earlier. Even after showing them pictures of the issues,  They still said I needed to find the receipts and take them back to the store. Below was the latest discussion (You need to pardon my run on sentences).

WED 8:00PM

Me: So if I found a website/forum that has people with similar issues, and M2 was in the past able to send the right tires to the customer would you look further into our situation? The receipts our long gone, with the exception of the dodge/superbee hauler. BTW: Our “local” Toys r us 60 minutes is minutes away.


M2: We used to try to take cars apart in the warehouse when we could to try to help solve a problem here or there, but that is just not feasible anymore with limited inventory and how fast product comes and and goes out to clients. Besides nothing we can do about a broken pillar or scuffed paint. As for the tire i am probably suggesting the obvious but did you look at the inside to see if it was put on reversed, I have seen that happen before.

Me: Yeah, it’s actually a Good Year Eagle racing tire that is on the back of the hauler instead of the “redline” tires that are on the rest of the vehicle. We already reversed it, looks better...But still not a “redline”. Thanks for everything I will leave you guys alone, thanks for bringing so much joy to my son, that’s what matters.

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