I discovered a new flea market while out car shopping in CT. Luckily, I found these seven diecast at the first vendor I stopped at. Luckily not just for the decent finds, but because my skeletal components had had enough. I think this is finally the end of my field trips. Right at the start of the season too! I won’t give up the flea bite hunt entirely, 2 or 3 per season and only the big shows. But right now, I feel like pretending I didn’t want to go anymore anyway.
Sour grapes...
Front row: Playart Corvette, Racing Champions F&F Mazda RX-7, Zee P345 Plymouth, Lesney Matchbox Series No 62 Mercury Cougar.
back row: Darda Turbo Renault, another Matchbox Dodge Caravan, and a Zee 1935 Chevy dirt track racer.
I’ve never even held a Playart Corvette before, so I had to get this one. The Mazda is trade bait, the Zee Plymouth has great glass, properly working doors, and near perfect nose and tail. The MBX Cougar is in pretty good condition, still has its hitch intact, and reminded me of my childhood MBX collection.
I’ve never seen a Darda Turbo Renault either, so I picked it up for a short term stay. I have at least half a dozen MBX Dodge Caravans by now and I can’t give a valid reason for continuing to acquire them, maybe I’ll have a taxi fleet or something.
The Zee 1935 Chevy is one I’ve been after for a while now. I have a couple of them with later colorations, but I believe this was the first. It’s in played-with condition, but the original owner was very careful with this intact example.
Thanks kid!