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Meddling Mind: NSX Clear Glass Transplant?

I wouldn’t call this a failure. Certainly needs some cleaning up around the edges but all and all the transplant didn’t go as bad as I thought it might. I was looking at the new NSX and thinking the full limo tint treatment almost made her look cheap. The shade was just too dark and sort of looked like black plastic. Having an unloved “Road Tripping” NSX at home I knew I had to try this.

I cut two... One with the side windows removed and one with just the front windshield. Not sure which will look better. I think I will give this another go as I rushed it and I think a little more effort will make for a better car. the glass pretty much holds itself it is a really nice fit.


Let me know if I should finish this one off or if you think my curiosity has slaughtered another perfectly good cast? After all that work I’m still on the fence with this one. Maybe I should just wait and see what Hot Wheels does with her later down the line.

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