So, its been a while since I’ve posted. However, I have been watching from the shadows, learning, practicing, and kinda continuing to suck. I found a dremel in my garage! Tried it out, and just when I was getting ready to give cutting the roof off a car, the motor burned out.

Incidentally, the next big things I want to move onto is making body kits, and making axles. However, my local home depot doesnt seem to want to stock any of it, and I’m to impatient to have to wait for something to ship online. OH, and decals. I have some that I ordered months ago just waiting... I just want to get better at headlights and taillights before I eventually apply them.

Anyway, these are just a handful of some of the mild mediocre creations I’ve been doing:

I picked this 959 up at a flea market months ago, and it was my first real rider wheel swap. I just filed away the ‘hands’ that hold the axles in, but Im pretty happy how it came out. Sometimes it rolls smoothly, sometimes it doesn’t. I dont really know why or how to fix it, but as a first attempt I’m happy.

Next up is a trio of GTIs. I fully admit that I have a GTI fetish at this point, so this is only 3 of the 7 that I’m making (at the moment). I probably have 20 GTIs in various stages of disassembly, but I’m waiting to get proficient with fine detailing (as you can see on the silver one). The Grey one is waiting for wheels like the ones on the other two, as they are the closest thing I could fine to the real cars.Caption (optional)


And now a Red Datsun 520! This is the first car that I learned to properly mask off, so it sports the ‘steelie’ look alikes, and black roof.


Moving on, I have a ton of Porsches. The blue and Brown 934s have been around for a while (and the blue one suffers from the same flaking issue as the 959). But joining the party is a set of matching 934 and 964. I still struggle with removing real riders from metal bases, and all the online guides haven’t been much help besides just snipping the axles, so I left the 964 as is. I also couldn’t remove the wheels to paint the base, so I just had to paint it by hand, leading to a pretty spotty finish that just seems to wipe away.

Next up I have a couple JDM cars. I am going on the record and saying I LOVE the blue on the Celica! I stuggle to not apply that color to absoluetly everything, as it is really REALLY nice for something that comes out of a spray can.


Now you may notice that 510 in the background missing from this slideshow, but Ill showcase that in a second...

But first! I have this pair of Classic Japanese Icons! I admit, I am not a massive fan of the wheels on the Fairlady, but I struggle to leave cars in the graveyard. The fairlady was originally the wheel donor for the red 510 wagon, but then I couldnt leave it alone. I applied a metallic gold I found in home depot, and I kinda love it.


I wound up drilling another fairlady apart for the Toyota, but that’s sitting in the stripper as we speak. I am not sure what I’m doing with it yet...

Finally (as far as customs go), I have the 510 Bluebird you probably saw earlier. This now my favorite car in my collection. It combines all of my favorite things: metal base, real riders, offset stripes, blue, yellow headlights, and classic JDM.


I really do think this is the best one to date- but I do need to get better at taillights...

Besides that, I did want to showcase my two favorite cars to come out of hotwheels:


I absolutely adore these two. I missed the original deadline for the fatlace bus, so I wound up spending $60 (!!!) on it, because I just absolutely needed it. The GTR is absolutely awesome. I love the blue, and the wheels fit the car so dang well.

Not to mention that the spoiler is actually metal, and not a plastic add on. I bought two, and I’m still debating if I want to customize the other one...

Anyway, thats all from me today. These are just a few the customs I’ve been working on. I have a lot more in the works, and without a job, I have a lot more time on my hands to spend extra time on them.


anyway, cheers!