Vintage Cars. All Lesney regular wheels, except for the Superfast Lamborghini, Superfast Porsche, Majorette Custom Fiat 147 (back corner), Majorette Audi Quattro, and Majorette Lamborghini Countach.

After having numerous trades derailed by not having a dedicated list, I decided to finally make one post for my trades. I have Lesney Matchbox, Majorette, Vintage 1/43, HW premium, HW mainlines, M2, JL, Jada, MBX mainlines, MBX golden age, and vintage 1/64. All trades for regular HW and MBX are one for one; premium cars, vintage cars, and golden age Matchbox have a premium. Golden age MBX and premium cars are both two for one, and vintage cars vary depending on what I’m being offered. Here’s what I’m looking for:

-French cars (namely Citroen, but I’m interested in everything)

-Vintage MBX




-GL Dodge Monaco

-HW Japan Historics 2000GT, Hakosuka, and RX3

-HW Boulevard

-HW premium Ferrari series

-HW Delorean




If you want close up pics, just ask!

Premium HW
Jada, Maisto, Ertl, Racing Champions


Carded HW and premium MBX
HW Mustangs
HW JDM, yo!


HW Foreign; the Peugeot and the far end has messed up wheels; I’ll include a wheel donor for free.
HW Fantasy


HW Muscle Cars
HW ‘50's cars. The car in the middle is a fantasy cast, but I put it here anyway.
Random HWs


MBX American Sports Cars
MBX emergency response
MBX emergency response/city vehicles


MBX Construction
MBX buses
MBX media vehicles


MBX 4x4
MBX other
Majorette Ferrari, Budgie Packard (missing windscreen), and Cigar Box Ford Galaxie (needs screws)


HW 100% Porsche 930 Turbo
Lesney Matchbox
Solido Porsche GT, Dinky Corvair (repainted), Corgi Chevy Impala, Corgi battery op Cadillac Ambulance (corroded), Minichamps Peugeot 304 Break (various damage, mainly to the trim)


Welly Porsche 935, Key Cars Corvette, and HW Space Vehicle; you look through a hole in the back, and there’s a picture of an astronaut.
MBX Golden Age
MBX Golden Age