So there was a huge garage sale in Halifax today at an Exhibition complex. They advertised it as the largest in North America. I doubt it actually was, but still, over 1000 tables in 3 huge buildings. It opened at 9:00, so I left home for the one hour drive at 8:00. Found two sellers with a lot of diecasts and a couple of others with a few. Here's my HAWL (lots of pics):

$10.00 Cdn = $8.00 US

1st table

The Treasure Hunt was marked $20.00, crossed out down to $10.00, and was in a very hard plastic reusable case that is made for HW packages. The other two were $2.00 each "because they have rubber tires" as she kept repeating.

'56 Ford Panel, '69 Chevelle SS 396 & Double Demon Delivery. I still have my original Redline Demon in green with a flat black roof, but this one is very cool with Kendall Motor Oil graphics.

The next 6 cars were $1.00 each. I don't remember picking up the yellow truck; I may have gotten it as a bonus. It also has rubber tires.


'57 Chevy, Corvette C6-R & Olds 4-4-2

3-Window Hot Rod, Hot Wheels Delivery truck, Tail Dragger surf truck & Switchback


I don't know enough yet to actually know if the rubber tires add value. Anyone?

Anyway, she said the total was $20.00 - I offered $15.00 and she said OK.

2nd Table

This was a mix of $1, $2 & $3 cars. The total was $26.00 - I offered $20.00 and got them.


2004 GTO & 1969 GTO Judge

Prowler & Viper GTS Coupe


1670 Charger & a 1963 Corvette for it to beat (Mopar Rules, Chevy Drools)

Swoop Coupe & 1963 T-Bird


Shelby Cobra 427 S/C & Chrysler Pronto concept car

Another 1963 Corvette and a '70 Challenger Hemi to embarrass it


Porsche Carrera GT and Cadillac Cien Concept

3rd table

3 for $5.00

1956 flat black Ford Panel Delivery (this is the same casting as the BF Goodrich truck in the first pic) and flat black '40 Ford Coupe, because flat black hot rods!
The '56 has a really cool graphic on the roof that I'll get a picture of when I get set up to start doing the DLMing on all of these.


Shoe Box. I love this one; the colour, the graphics, the blower sticking through the hood, and dem whitewalls! He had a different colour that he said was the original release of the casting that he wanted more money for, but I didn't like the colour as much and it didn't have the whitewalls.


4th table

also 3 for $5.00

'67 Plymouth GTX and a '69 Ford Fairlane 427 for it to beat, because it's not fair for Mopars to only beat Chevys.


Honda S2000


Last stab

A guy had a few NASCAR 1:24's on a table. I stopped to glance at them, not intending to even ask how much because I know they're close to US$ 100.00 new. He walked over and said $15 each, 2 for $20.

I picked up the #19 Mountain Dew Intrepid and the #77 2005 Kodak EasyShare Charger to go with the #2 Brad Keselowski 2012 Championship-winning Charger I already had.


I also hit up the 4(!) Walmart Supercentres in Halifax and the Toys R Us and picked up a smattering of other stuff (super disappointed in the TRU selection and pricing). That'll have to wait for another day.