The building and parking lot of my favorite indoor-outdoor flea ranch and riding academy has been sold. There are already new windows upstairs in the office space. All the vendors are sadly commiserating with each other, and I overheard that they now have until April to decide what to do with their individual businesses. To add insult to injury, one side of the place got flooded when that section of the roof failed in its job.
I know I’ll sound like a circling vulture when I tell you there were deals to be had!
Here’s a quick, partial group Hawlograph of yesterday’s acquisitions. More to follow on individual cars.

Variety? Stavanger (!), Hot Wheels, Corgi, Topper and Johnny Lightning (Jaguar XKE and Coyote Mustang, respectively), Matchbox, ZYLL, Majorette, MC Toys, and another unknown plastic Porsche 930 (Wind up action still works).
The MC Toys Lambo was a great find for me because, while the car itself has obvious play-wear, the windshield is the most crystal clear piece of plastic I’ve ever seen on a car from the 25¢ buckets. And, that’s a pretty big target!

EDIT: The NASCAR racer is from an old Dale Earnhardt series by Winner’s Circle/Hasbro. I don’t recall The Intimidator ever running anything other than #3, but I only watch stock car racing for the crashes...