Today was the first time in the three day holiday (Happy Memorial Day!) weekend that I escaped from house and yard work.
Update on the E21:

Wheels from the Honda City have a few defects, but they fit really nice. I’ll be shopping for a couple more before this long weekend ends.
This Tomica came with a badly warped windshield, so I’m auditioning various glazings from the parts bins. The final replacement windshield isn’t decided yet.

Windshield from the HWs Porsche 934.5 to the rescue! It will need quite a bit more massaging, but I have a few of these laying around. I was very happy to get that grill piece out in one piece (see what I did there?) so it won’t be included in any further test fitments.


VW Kafer Racer wheel swap. The rear axle needs another reduction in width.

Three of my best finds at today’s flea circus extravaganza. JL Aston Martin Lagonda, HWs Redline McLaren M6a, and HWs Redline Custom VW.


And then I found this MBX VW Type 34 Karmann Ghia recolor on the way home.

One day to go, but those cabinets won’t hang themselves...