HotWheelsFan and I have been talking about Mercedes-Benz top-end cars lately, so I figured I would post this pair. Matchbox's SLR-McLaren coupe, and Greenlight Black Series SLS-AMG Gull-wing coupe... I don't think there is a casting of the SLC-AMG successor just yet, though.

The SLR-McLaren was a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and british F1 shop turned ultra-car builder McLaren, makers of the penultimate McLaren F1, and more recently, the P1 and 650S. Reportedly, McLaren's goals for a road-going race car, and Mercedes-Benz's desire for a supreme 2-seat ultra-tourer resulted in a mixed-bag car, of sorts... but it did have interesting race-inspired styling, and exhaust that exited from under the front fender vents, rather

The Successor to that car was the SLS-AMG, the first in-house design by Mercedes' AMG branch. Where AMG is usually a suffix modifier to some Mercedes model names, AMG is actually in the proper model name, as a result. Development of the car came during the period where Daimler Benz, Mercedez-Benz's parent holding company also owned the Chrysler automotive group. SLS-AMG was developed from the chassis that under-pinned the previous generation Dodge Viper, but with a supercharged AMG-specification V8 instead of an atmospheric Dodge V10.


Sorry for the image quality... the only camera I had handy was a laptop screen cam, and black requires a lot more specific lighting than I have. At least they aren't as out-of-focus shaken as my cellphone camera shots usually are.


The SLR is slated to go to HotWheelsFan in trade... and I may send the SLS-AMG with it, if he's interested. I am much more of a McLaren fan than a Mercedes enthusiast. I respect M-B products, and their rich history, but I am not rabid after them... I am much more a fan of Porsche, as a german car company, and somewhat BMW.

I am also a bigger fan of the british cars, like McLaren F1 and MP4-12C, and Aston Martin... which are rumored to be getting cozy with M-B for future model development. Hopefully it works better than Chrysler being bled nearly to death by Daimler Benz, and McLaren not seeing eye-to-eye with M-B either.