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Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus?

I think I might have stumbled across a mystery over 30 years old! After posting my garage photo with the Matchbox 1987 Sable wagon I was looking over it and noticed something odd about it.

Now the base is clearly a Mercury Sable but the body is something else that more closely resembles the Ford Taurus case in point the head lights


The Taurus has smaller side lights that go slightly into the fender where as the Sable has larger side lights. Of course the body of the Taurus has a line from the top of the light that goes from front to back and the Sable doesn’t and the lights could be an issue of limitations of making the molds for the car.

Well looks look at the rear hatch now.


That’s no air bubble that’s the Ford oval on the bottom right. I looks like Matchbox might have had plans to make both wagons with a base and glass swap(holds the head lights) at some point but never got to it.

Who knows maybe I’m over thinking it or maybe not lol.

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