This trade with dtg11 too a while to come together, but it was well worth it. These M2's are super sweet!

androoo sent these. One of the Fairladys lasted about 30 minutes before having the roof cut off.

shop-teacher sent these, with the chevy pick as a bonus.


Howard sent these two. I’m supper happy about the AE86 Corolla as I haven’t been able to find one in any condition around here. I’m torn with leaving it as is with some detailing, or stripping it and going classic panda paint job.

vdubyajohn Sent this pile over, one of the skylines is actually a fakeout, I’ve already ripped one apart and modified it so I had to use a stand in for the pic.


These were sent to me by philipilihp. I think I’d asked for the skyline and a couple of the bodies, and he sent me this whole pile of cars & bodies.


And the final trade (which took forever for the post office to decide to deliver) was from Camshaft Chris. I’d traded for the two JH Skylines, and he threw in the track day Datsun & Ecto-1 as ROAKs!

Thanks to everyone I traded with! Anyone interested in a trade in the new year, check out my trade bait post.