Big things with little cars


Thanks to a fellow LALDer here, I’ve developed a taste for better diecasts. I used to chase all JDM HWs released. I’ve spend tons of moola buying up old releases that I missed out on. I was obsessive with owning every variation of every japanese car. Hunting took over my life. But now that all changed. I no longer see HWs and other budget brands the same. I’ll still buy premium HWs of cars I really like or get maybe get only one mainline of a car I like (HW Bugatti Chiron or MBX Bugatti Divo).

Today I went to an antique store looking for books and found this bin of diecasts. The old me would have been so super duper excited. Well, I didn’t bother looking through it too long and I didn’t buy any of it. There could have been some valuable stuff in there but, I honestly didn’t care. Wow! How I have changed.


Maybe now that I’m no longer wasting life away by hunting I can finally work on customs again.

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