isn’t very good at packaging diecast. About 50 carded diecast were thrown in 2 plastic bags. Then stuffed in a box. I love an excuse to DLM.

Free those miniature monstrosities.

I had to take off at least one of em.

The “Turbo ball... For speed!”


It does make them pretty quick. Amazingly the Smart car is the largest. Go figure.

Then I had to get them all off the cardboard. I couldn’t stop myself.


Except for the Vettes. I believe there’s a micro Chevy collector amongst us that might enjoy those.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a clue what these two are supposed to be.


Retro Tucker? Slightly off Opel Speedster?

Here it is next to an Opel Speedster.


It’s just wrong enough to be completely wrong. And a size comparison using the gigantic HWs Honda City Turbo.

Thanks for checking out my stuff.