Micro Monday: insomniac edition

This is such an early Micro Monday, that it’s not even Monday in my time zone yet. I can’t sleep though, so let’s just do this thing now.

This is the second request from Herr Quatrro, a Deluxe edition Shelby Cobra.


Pardon my dust.

The trunk fitment is a wee bit off!

What makes it Deluxe? Opening parts!


The engine is rather well detailed, for such a tiny thing, but ... I will award 100 internets to the first person to point out the major error Galoob made here.


I think this is from the first pack of Deluxe Micros I ever got. My best friend and trading partner always lusted after it, but he could never close the deal in me. I’m sure glad for that.

I still can’t sleep. Hopefully I can sleep through my superintendent’s speech at tomorrow’s institute day.

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