What goes better with a Monday, than tiny cars and a hot cup of coffee? Nothing, that’s what!

This Mercedes 300 SLR Mille-Miglia is a coffee promo, that was sent to me from Superstarksa all the way from India. It’s a cool little HO scale piece, that I’m really happy to have in my collection. The wheels are a little ... meh in cheap white plastic, but the paint job is really nice. There’s a decent bit of interior detail for such a small car too. Sorry, I couldn’t make that picture look clear in any way.

What makes this even cooler, is I have now traded with people on four continents. That’s pretty good for a dude who was rejected for a passport over a decade ago, and hasn’t tried again. Worldly, I am not, but I love getting stuff that can’t be got here in the USofA. I love this place! Thanks again for this one, Superstarksa!

Mmm ... coffee ... *Homerdrool*

I’m sure you’re all tired of me whining about how much the camera on my new phone sucks, but man ... I swear this looked good on my phone ... turrible, just turrible. I guess I’ll have to spend some real money one of these days.