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Micro Monday: my last TRU purchase

I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been bat-crap-crazy-pants busy with remodeling my kitchen, training for a new class I have to teach next year, and also some fun things too.

I did find time to make a final trip to TRU a couple weeks ago. This Tonka Tiny set is my final diecast purchase from TRU. My girls already have a bunch of these, so I’m keeping them for myself :)


The Tinies aren’t licensed, and so they’re genaric models, but they’re great little toys. They take me right back to the heady days of Micro Machines. Of course I DLM’ed them.

Unfortunately the wheel lift doesn’t drop low enough to, you know, lift wheels
What’s in the box?
NERTS! It’s another dump truck.

And so we close this final chapter. Countless diecasts purchased from TRU in my lifetime, too many to ever count. It’s fitting that my last ones be micro. I also bought a couple Lego sets that day, which I will feature when they’re assembled. I attempted to make one more visit Friday, which I had heard was to be the last day, but the location I went to was already closed. The end of an era :(


I'll try not to be a stranger for so long again. I am still up to my eyeballs in a kitchen remodel, so I can't make any promises.

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