Big things with little cars

Micro Monday, ON MONDAY!

It’s been a while. Time to get back on the horse. I just want to apologize up front, because a lot of this pictures are bad. The camera on my new phone positively sucks, and I didn’t have time to go re-shoot this with my old iPhone.

This is the Micro portion of my Secret Super mega-package from Plasticprints, with assistance from TheBellKing.


The HO scale Bone Shaker is going to stay in the package. If you look carefully here, you’ll see why. It’s a cool little casting. I wish Hot Wheels did more of these.

Next we’ve got a cool off-brand Porsche 911.


This next one is another HO Hot Wheels. I’ve never seen this Ferrari casting before, but me likey!


I assume this truck is for an N-scale trail train set, and it is a fantastically detailed little rig!


Last, but certainly not least, is this Racing Champions funny car. I forgot to include this one in the group shot, but this is a cool little piece! This is definitely getting DLM’d. The card is roached anyways, and I want to play with it :)

Release me!

Thanks again Plasticprints for this incredibly generous gift! I love them all!

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