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Micro Monday- ORAT edition

I’ve been wanting to do some Micro Monday ORATing for some time, and here it is finally! Front to back on the lead shot we have a Jeep Wrangler TJ, a ‘73-79 Chevy K5 Blazer, and a Datsun pickup (which I’ve shown you before). The lifted TJ is a late Micro, so while it does have a tab-butt, it’s on the black lifted chassis part, so it’s completely unobtrusive on this one. The K5 Blazer is an early Micro, and they made a LOT of versions of this casting. I have several of them, and this one is my favorite, because it’s just a clean stock version (except, for some reason, it has red headlights ... I dunno).


My wife posed these on a big rock next to our front steps. Kinda has a manufacturer’s ad feel to me ... if they weren’t all from different manufacturers of course.


I then noticed that lower ledge on the rock looked like a road. Expect to see more ORATing here in the future.


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