A while back Pixel mentioned that he had some Micro Machines and 1:144 Racing Champions that had previously been glued to (I think) a car dashboard, and he wondered if I would want them. Loving all things tiny diecast, I said yes of course. Tonight, while trying to figure out what I should do for Micro Monday, I found an envelope on my porch with all these in them!

He even included a couple Mini Micros! I used to have a bunch of these, but they got lost in a move a long time ago. I still have vague hopes that they’ll turn up inside something one of these days. Until then, these two are the only Mini Micros in my collection. I’m not sure what the red one is, maybe a TR-7? The silver one is unmistakably a Porsche 959.

I spent some time with some small pliers pulling rubber cement off the bottom of this hot rod. I got it to roll. In time I’ll clean up some more of these, but they display just fine anyways.


Anybody see something you’d like featured? It’s a great little collection! My wife already claimed the Bandit TA, but that was one of the few of these I already had :)

Thank you very much for these Pixel! I love them!