For Micro Monday I present another of my few Micro Machines - the 1950s Ford Thunderbird.

I haven’t done a Micro Monday post in a few months, so I’ll get back on it, since I can also showcase a bit my Speedeez collection, which is larger than my regular Micro Machines collection.

The first Thunderbird is fairly well known and written about, so I won’t go into depth about it.


Ford’s call to compete against the Corvette with a slightly plusher two-seater proved to be a good call sales-wise and profit-wise, with some 42,660 more sales than the Corvette from 1955-1957 (Corvette - 10,506; Thunderbird - 53,166). After this generation, Ford stretched the Thunderbird into a four-seater, setting more sales records.

This is another of my few true Galoob Micro Machines that were probably a hand-me-down from a relative, but it’s from long enough ago that I don’t quite remember.


Being an earlier Micro, it doesn’t have the full tab-butt.

Like all my Micros, it has a number of dings and scratches.


Thanks for viewing!