Big things with little cars

I hope the owner of the full-size car enjoys it while they own it- because I will own this car one day.


Right now, I am currently entering the third week of my first college semester. My parents are withholding my 1:1 car until spring semester pending good grades. However, since I enjoy taking pictures of cars, I wanted something to take along.

I wasn’t allowed to bring my 1:18 Spark Porsche GT2 RS* as that was an expensive birthday gift, but since that car got me hooked on high end 1:18, I needed something to take pictures of.

Hence, for my going away gift to myself I got an Autoart Koenigsegg One:1.


I’m going to school in Vermont, and one of my campuses cooler features are covered walkways- I assume for snow. But they make one cool backdrop.


I tried to get pictures of the doors and engine bay, but I didn’t get any that I liked. Keep tuned, because I’ll be doing more of these.

I also tried to go a bit easier on the editing this time in photoshop, so I’d love some feedback on these pictures. Thanks!


*Since I wasn’t allowed to bring the GT2 RS, I sadly won’t have that for Rennsport Reunion. I’ll have to repost older pictures of it.

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