good uh.. morning to you all.. today, inspired by the Lamley post about the HW x MB Miata, i’d like to showcase the TakaraTomy rendition of it, both in normal scale and chibi scale, so, let’s go~

first, a warm welcoming smile.

Detail wise,both Miatas sports front and back detailing (and painted headlights), with the ChoroQ winning on points due to the detailed rear lights and bumper section.

face off, or meet cute?

the Q also wins on paint quality, the red feels like a correct reproduction of the Soul Red color that Mazda so proudly lather on all their cars. (but i will hold my judgment until i can get my grubby mitts on either HW’s or MB’s Miata)


Seen here the detailed rear lights and mazda logo. also, Dat Red.

the Tomica wins on versatility. Why? this is why..

Sorry for the angle, joined two photos into one.


Being able to choose to be open topped or not is good!

Interior details go to the Tomica handily, due to the existence of the huge pullback motor on the Q.


All in all, a good ND model from the company, and i can’t wait to get these two to park beside it..

But... no love for the Fiat-a??, also, credit The Lamley Group


As per usual, a bit of a photo dump to finish my post.. :D