Back after ages. Work and sickness can get the better of you at times.

Alright, I won’t go headfirst into the scale or the make of this model. Time to make guesses.

The model replicated here need no introductions. IMO the finest era of Mitsubishi’s flagship off roader, the 2nd gen Pajero / Montero / Shogun. There is an interesting story behind this particular vehicle getting three different names (especially the first two lol). It was, however, a very capable vehicle in its class.

The Pajero became an instant hit here in Sri Lanka once it started coming to our shores, and earned its fair share of nicknames (Sri Lankan car culture has some pretty interesting alternate names for cars). The first generation was nicknames “Palath Sabha” (provincial council) model because it was distributed en masse to the (then) newly established provincial councils for use. This generation became popular as “Intercooler” (cue the intercooler turbo decal on diesel models) and the last facelift was known as “Mahaththaya” (gentleman in Sinhala) model for an unknown reason. The luxury variant (GLS grade) is still a sought after machine, commanding massive prices in second-hand market, while a plethora of navy blue high roof GL versions still serve at police stations island-wide.


The immense popularity of the Pajero here may have been a reason for my fondness for the model as well. A real version is a distant reality. Sadly these cost an arm and a leg in die cast or miniature form. The holy grail of models of this generation, the Autoart 1:18 can set you back by at least $200. The cost drove me to get an assembly kit from Aoshima and build it (more on that in a later post) which was much cheaper than any other alternative of similar scale. I also spotted this one on a used eBay listing, and buying it alongside a multi car haul was a very simple decision.


Alright so before I wind up, this is a Wiking H0 scale model (1:87). Needless to say, the level of detail in this is absolutely bonkers.

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