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Military Monday: The Counterattack

Welcome to Military Monday where we show you military vehicles used from both sides of the conflict. Here is another Military die cast with diorama release by Johnny Lightning from their Greatest Generation series called The Siege of Bastogne/The Chateau.

Imagine yourself in the town of Bastogne surrounded by the German army. It’s winter but somehow you felt yourself sweating and your supplies and ammunitions are running low. Suddenly you hear the sound of clankety clank of a tank rumbling towards you. You see it coming from a distance and without any binoculars, you wonder whether it’s a friend or foe.


Then as it gets closer, your heart began to pound faster, not out of fear but of excitement and relief when you identified the tank as the M4A3 Sherman tank from Patton’s Third Army which counterattack and reached Bastogne on December 26, 1944, opening a corridor for relief and resupply of the besieged forces. Patton’s ability to disengage six divisions from front line combat during the middle of winter, then wheel north to relieve Bastogne was one of his most remarkable achievements during the war.


This is the 2nd of the 2 diorama sets that Johnny Lightning released last August and this comes with both resin display and the Sherman tank.


Although both this and the first set comes in 2 different scale, I certainly recommend both for armor fans and the resin display is a great reference to use if you are planning to build your own war diorama.

Hope you enjoy this visual historical info.

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