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Welcome to Military Monday where we show you military vehicles used from both sides of the conflict. As the tide begins to turn, the German army has to rely much of what was left of the men and their military transport. And would you believe Ferdinand Porsche had a hand on the model you are about to see.

As the sun begins to set, the remnant of what was once the powerful German army is bracing themselves for another round of mortar attack from the enemy and what remains of their military weapon and transport lies in ruin.


Although the tank portrayed in my diorama looks like it doesn’t have any strength left, this Sd.Kfz.181 Tiger is not your run of the mill tank. In fact Porsche was involved in the design and nickname it Tiger tank. I got some info from the flying mule website that the 88mm main gun on it was the most powerful anti-tank gun in use by any army. The influence of Tiger tanks on allied morale grew to almost mythical proportions, and was known as “Tigerphobia.” Tigers destroyed tremendous amounts of enemy equipment and often just the sight of a Tiger would induce the Russian tankers to withdraw. And during the fighting near Caen, a single Tiger destroyed 37 British armored vehicles in a single afternoon.

What made me interested in this specific tank was due to watching the all star cast movie ‘Battle of the Bulge’, a fictional account based on the counterattack of the German forces against the allies in the month of December 1944. To me the most anticipated scene was the cinematic tank battle between the Germans and the Americans with the Germans using the Tiger tanks.


This is another Forces of Valor’s 1:72 scale that I bought years ago in the big box stores and this model is constructed from die cast metal and the all-metal hull came with battle damaged fenders. Features include the Turret that rotates 360 degrees and has an elevating metal cannon. It also has working rubber tracks and the wheels do roll. There is also a hand painted commander figure on top which I took off to show it abandoned and also added a few more weathering on it to give it a more battle scar look.

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