Welcome to Military Monday where we show you military vehicles used from both sides of the conflict. When your disabled tank needs to be retrieved, who do you call?

You call the M26 6x6 40 Ton Dragon Wagon.

(Info from Wikipedia) In 1942 a new 40 ton semi-trailer tank transporter was needed with better off-road performance than the M9 24 small-wheel trailer, and greater capacity than the 30 ton 8 large-wheel Shelvoke and Drewry semi-trailers used by the Diamond T tractor unit. Designed by the Fruehauf Trailer Company of Detroit, Michigan, it was heavier than the Diamond T could manage. A companion M26 tractor was designed by the San Francisco-based Knuckey Truck Company. When it could not keep up with the Army’s demands production was awarded to the Pacific Car & Foundry Co. of Seattle, Washington. The M26 armored heavy tank transporter/tank recovery tractor and companion 40-ton M15 trailer was introduced into US Army service in Europe in 1944–45 and was then nickname Dragon Wagon.



This is a 1/72 scale model from the Forces of Valor by Unimax which was at that time available in Target, Kmart and Walmart. The tractor cab is made of plastic while the trailer is made of metal. The detail is great for something less than $17.00 if I recall correctly at that time.

These photos were taken years ago when I was just learning how to use our first new digital camera.


Here is a 1:1.

Photo borrowed from wikipedia