Welcome to Military Monday where we show you military vehicles used from both sides of the conflict. Here we are continuing the brief history on the ‘Siege of Bastogne’. After Patton’s Third Army was able to lift the siege at Bastogne, a small town in Belgium from the German Army, it’s time to resupply the forces and what better way than using the GMC CCKW 6x6 truck and one of the Military die cast release by Johnny Lightning from their Greatest Generation series.

From wikipedia, the GMC CCKW also known as “Jimmy” was a 2½-ton 6x6 U.S. Army cargo truck that saw heavy service in both World War II and the Korean War. Also called “Deuce and a Half”, it formed the backbone of the famed Red Ball Express that kept Allied armies supplied as they pushed eastward after the Normandy invasion.


This model came in both A and B version with version B given some weathering treatment on it. This model came with opening hood and the contents at the back can be removed. My guess is the scale is probably around 1/87 or smaller but the detail on it is pretty good. The resin diorama was borrowed from another Johnny Lightning set.


Here it shows an empty truck after the contents have been removed and ready for another round.

Hope you have fun with this brief history lesson using die cast model.