Mini-Haul: No Names

Over the weekend I found a pair of cars at a junk store. At a dollar a piece I figured they’d be good candidates for some restoration work.

The first is some sort of 70's BMW. It’s got the bodystyle and hood shut lines of an E9, but has the stature and front end from an E12/E28. The second is a Porsche 917K.


Both are pretty poor diecasts to begin with, though the 917K is marginally the nicer of the 2. The BMW has a lot of flash and you can bend the bases of either car with your finger. Once my new $30 power drill from Harbor Freight comes in the mail, I’ll get these things dismantled. I’ll be replacing the wheels on both with some Hot Wheels mainlines. The BMW will have the flash cleaned up and get a respray. The Porsche will get new paint and maybe some decals as well.

Neither car has a manufacturer’s stamp, so I have no idea what the brand is. I’m not even sure if both are from the same brand. As mentioned, the quality is very low. Like making Yatming feel like Tarmac Works bad. Do any of y’all have an idea? Also, what color should I paint the BMW?

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