Big things with little cars


There's a great place not too far from where I live which caters primarily to model train people and model builders, but they have a decent selection of semi-random Hot Wheels and other diecast in various scales. Stopped in to see what they had and came away with these 4.


I like the quasi-Gulf livery on the GT-40 and I didn't actually have one yet. I do have an old woody from when I was a kid, but I couldn't resist the pin-striping on this (and, of course, because wagon).

I know this version of the El Camino doesn't get the love so much, but honestly, a mid-engine Elky seems like a natural sort of thing to me. I didn't know about the Pikes Peak Celica until people were talking about it here lately, but it's obviously cool, so I needed one.

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