Big things with little cars

Mini hawl, first T-Hunt

I’ve been picking up hot wheels a lot more slowly recently, maybe one or two a month. I don’t get to Walmart anymore, my target doesn’t seem to ever have stocked shelves and Kroger is flooded. They used to have one small stand and a dump box, but now there’s a huge wall maybe 8-10 pegs high and 8-10 pegs wide. And several dump boxes around the store.


I stopped by tonight just to see if anything new was there and saw the orange Senna. Kept looking and found the Chiron. I noticed some Tesla Model S on the wall and didn’t pay any attention until I searched what the current treasure and super treasure hunts are. Got the wife to go back with me and skim through every Tesla we could find, but no Supers. The bat mobile did catch my eye and I saw there was a Treasure hunt model and this was one of them! I typically only collect the models for cars I like and never really got into hunting because I figured someone else probably beat me to it.

On a related note, my display case is starting to get a little crowded in the European shelves. I try to give the positioning a bit of a radius to keep it interesting, but a few more cars and I’ll end up with a full parking lot.


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