Went to Wally World needing a battery for the remote to my car stereo. The store location is down the street from my workplace. So, I visit it pretty often. It’s been months since they put out any new HW. Apparently some fresh cases got opened within the past few days because much of the new stuff was out.

I snagged the lone Skyline on the pegs to strip and customize. Thankfully this one is a wreck. The tampos are all nasty and the rear got a lot of extra love from the factory paint booth. lol you can hardly make out the details on the back.

Moving down the aisle, I wasn’t expecting much since that section also does not get much love. A case of the Japan M2 cars had also just landed. This Nissan Bluebird is my favorite. Stellar tampos and details. I can’t see any QC issues, which is nice.


Junk in the trunk?