Hey guys wanted to try something a bit different and I invite anyone else who wants to share to jump right in as well. Based on the popular full size “cars and coffee” events I thought it would be kind of cool to do something along similar lines regarding diecast cars.

I will be periodically, (depending on the response) posting random pics of my diecast cars along with a cup of coffee, mug of coffee, wherever and whatever. They may also be out in the wild and not always as sterile as this.

I will post up here as well as Instagram account @dalahobbies using the hashtag #minicarsandcoffee along with the #liveandletdiecast hashtag of course.

If you like feel free to join in and do the same. Who knows maybe we can turn this into a LALD trend ;-)

*or if you guys think this is a horrible, lame, or dumb idea, please let me know.