First of all, i love AMGs. There's just something about them that screams testosterone and manliness.

The SL65 AMG BS is no exception. Having just 350 units build and each priced at $300,000, it quickly became one of Mercedes holy grail.

So how did Minichamps do?

First thing you'd notice when you take the model out of the box, is the beautiful Matte Black pain, which i gotta say, fits this car's personality the best.

It gives it that extra sinister look the car well deserves.


However, like all Minichamps model, it does not come with any vents. Instead, i don't know if it's laziness or cost issues, they've decided to slap a piece of plastic on the grill and vents. Which is a huge letdown on such a beautiful car.


Now the interior is where this car stands out (can't believe i'm saying that about a Minichamp....)

Lately, Minichamps has been a bit off its game as most recent models don't come with felt carpet. However, this model remains as one of those lucky few that got it. Not only does it sport the felt carpet, but Minichamps went in and gave this model the carbon fiber details on the seats, doors and center console. Given they're not as realistic as AutoArt's, it's still a nice addition to the overall quality.


Onto the engine, as typical of most modern cars, doesn't offer you much to look at. Minichamps did try to copy the carbon fiber cover that comes on the real Black Series. Though it isn't exactly the best reproduction, it's still looks quite nice.

Something that has always plague Minichamps models, are the dogleg hidges and how they don't typically stand up. As evident in the picture above, i had to use my finger to keep it up, since the hidges doesn't offer enough balance to keep it in place.


The wheels on this car are a bit too wide for my taste. They don't provide any manufacturer stamps and logo. Because the wheels are a bit too big, this car unfortunately doesn't roll too well. However, on the bright side, the brake rotors and the gloss black detail on the inner wall of the rims, look absolutely stunning.


In conclusion, what i have here, is a hit-and-miss model. From the distance, she's a beaut. But once you get up close, you'd notice all the pores and pimples she'd hope you missed. Beauty is very much skinned deep in this particular casting. Sure it provides some excellent details here and there, but for a $135 model, Minichamps could've done a bit better.

However, this car is absolutely stunning when put under display. Especially with the white lights shining down on it, exposing all of its glorious curves. Even with a few disappointments, this model, particularly in Matte Black, has become one of the hardest models to find on the market.

Thanks for viewing!

Onto the next review to follow:


(Haven't taken any photos of it yet, so hopefully this online shot will do)