So I recently scored this Tomica Jaguar XJ-S racing at a very reasonable price on ebay:

The reason? Well...

Here are the seller’s somewhat blurry photos from the posting. They show the extent of the bent axle. I didn’t take my own...


The reason I didn’t take my own pictures was that I wasn’t exactly proud of it given the condition. My original goal was to at least acquire a specimen of this livery, and maybe strategically display it with the offending corner out of sight...

But I suddenly had a lightbulb moment. This involved a pair of skinny tweezers, grabbing hold of the axle between the back of the wheel and the baseplate.

Twist it around... after some trial-and-error and very sweaty palms... Success (with the exception I forgot to take pictures before I fixed it).


All this without having to take the baseplate apart!

Totally lucked out, and now occupies a prime spot on my diorama!