I thought I could upload my pictures to Facebook as a way to save them for later—moving them to Kinja (or anywhere) was impossible given the shoddy WiFi and LTE connection at the hotel we were staying in. I thought they’d be able to retain the big 5k-px sizes there so I can retrieve them later.

Turns out Facebook doesn’t save full-res and the hyperlink elimination method wouldn’t get me the whole thing. Now I’m stuck with hellaciously low-quality pictures that wouldn’t pass muster for the features. Worse, due to space constrains, I’ve deleted all the original shots.



Well, I wouldn’t really throw them out because I reckon they’re still serviceable, but I am really disappointed. Had I known, maybe I could have waited it out, or uploaded them to Twitter (which can, at least, save photos without shooting them with MORE JPEG). Lesson learned: save for a big SD card.