Sometimes work gives back and in this case work gifted me a model of their now discontinued Mitsubishi Fuso FK/FM.

I think it would be safe to say that this is one model you might not be able to find in stores.

This was a promotional gift for dealers and maybe to customers back when the Mitsubishi Fuso was still Japanese and the FK/FM was still new. This model (the actual truck) has since been discontinued in North America but I’m glad Fuso still had some on hand to give away.

Looking around the box there is no mention of who the maker of this model is as it only says that this is a sales and promotional item commissioned by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation.


The ever helpful base tells us that this is a 1:43 scale model. From the looks of the model, this is most likely based off of a Japanese spec or non North American FK/FM as there are a few things on the model that don’t satisfy North American regulations, such as the position of the box lights along the top of the box.


The box is just big enough to house a 1:64 Hot Wheels Ford Raptor and a Ford GT, but you won’t be transporting with the doors closed.

You won’t be seeing much with the way those mirrors are angled.


The paint and quality is OK, the paint is fine, but a few blemishes are present throughout the model.

The colour is a very early 2000's style of soft gold almost silver paint seen on many contemporary Japanese vehicles. There’s a decent amount of glitter in the paint giving it a pleasant metallic sheen.


The interior of the truck is basically detailed, the vents are painted black and the instrument panel is detailed with a sticker. Unfortunately, neither the doors nor the cab opens. This, my friend, is a sealed unit.

Note: the North American version of the FK/FM was only sold with grey seats.


The seats are painted purple and the rest of the interior is faithfully detailed to look like the actual truck and not just a generic interior. This looks to be equipped with the manual transmission.

The cab is made of metal, while the chassis and box are made of plastic.


Bit of a shame they couldn’t add some tire branding as the sidewalls offer quite a bit of real estate.

The Mitsubishi Fuso FK/FM is a medium duty truck sold in other markets as the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter. It was only sold in North America briefly before tighter emission standards came into effect and the FK/FM was discontinued in North America.