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Mitsubishi Monday - The Other Evolution

Another Monday, another week. Duh.

Here’s a small test. Guess the scale.


About the car represented. Back when Mitsubishi was really cool, they had two different Evos on offer; the car-based Lancer and the remarkably obscure Pajero / Montero Evolution. Both were born to fulfill Mitsu’s hunger for global domination in rallying; one was built to conquer the WRC / APRC / Group - N and the other was built to conquer rally - raid such as Dakar and Cross Country World Cup. One went on to live for 20+ years, evolving into ten iterations, dominating the WRC in the latter half of 90s , and (here’s a genuine wish) hopefully will return in the future. Other one however, did not stay alive for more than a couple years, and went under the radar after one iteration.

The Pajero Evolution was a very potent machine however, and slightly modified versions dominated Dakar in 1997 (1,2,3 overall) and 1998 (1,2,3 overall with a slightly different Pajero Sport coming in at 4), in what was essentially the beginning of Mitsubishi’s sheer domination of the rally (they won outright from 2001 - 2007).


The production spec car was also very potent, with one being very prominent in Sri Lanka’s rally / rallycross events in the early 2000s, scooping up numerous wins before fading away from the competition.


To the model presented here; there are several die cast replications of this Mitsubishi, notably the uber - expensive (and uber - desirable) Autoart versions in both 1:43 and 1:18 scales, as well from a handful of other brands including Tomica and M-Tech. This one however, is from Hongwell Cararama, of scale 1:72. It is a remarkable level of detail for the scale, and they have lost very little from the actual car in the process. The tampo work is almost spot on (check out the rear number plate garnish) and the wheels are brilliant. The mega mudgards are the icing on the cake.


It was a second hand purchase, and thankfully the paint was not damaged by a bit. A really impressive little model from Cararama.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome week ahead!

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