Kidco Tough Wheels Charger/Daytona/Superbird with JDM/Pikes Peak/GT3/Time Attack/etc style wing. I’d never seen one of these before and I’m happy to have found one in halfway decent shape. It reminds me of the Corvette drawing in the original 16 Hot Wheels ads, they had an idea of what it would look like, but they had to beat a production deadline and have something to show/sell/print.


I was really tickled to find this and discover yet another new thing in the diecast universe. Makes me appreciate the diversity of castings.
I’m going to miss diving into the 25¢ and 50¢ bins searching for the odd bodkins at the bottom. I really enjoy this manner of hunting, I’ve learned a lot and have found tons of cool stuff I never knew even existed.
I’m scheduled for my 5th spinal surgery the first week of January and I’m pretty sure my days of squatting next to, and examining every single car from 5 gallon buckets of diecast are over. I have to consider my quality of life going forward.
I knew this day would come, so that’s why I’ve been in a kind of overdrive the last year or two, collecting wheels and parts for the cars I want to restore or customize.
I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to hit up one of the big shows once a year or so, but my weekly forays will come to an end. It’s kind of symmetrical that my favorite indoor/outdoor catch-yer-own-flea-pallooza is closing as well, since the building has been acquired.
I’ve found a lot of cool stuff there, and now, I’ll create new things from the old.