It’s time to announce July’s Model Citizen/LaLD! Model of the Month, but first a word about June’s selection. Last month we offered AUTOart’s 1:18-scale Skyline R33 GT-R, but it ended up being a near-complete CF. A manufacturing defect with AUTOart’s packaging resulted in a majority of these cars becoming damaged (destroyed, actually) in shipping. Nearly half of the cars we received at the MC offices were broken, and several of the ones that made it to customers were damaged in transit, despite our adding extra packing protection before shipping. My mistake was in offering a car as a monthly special before it actually got to our inventory...if we had gotten it first, we would have seen the problem and called a halt to the process. I’ve already handled this with the customers who were affected, but to the group I still feel I should apologize for dropping the ball with the June selection. I know what went wrong, and it won’t happen again.

So, on to the July car:

That’s right, it’s another Skyline. This time, it’s Ebbro’s 1:43-scale diecast metal R32 GT-R in silver. We couldn’t resist going back to Godzilla’s lair one more time.

Ebbro’s R32 is a beauty, with tremendous detail for such a low-priced model. The rear fascia is a highlight...check out that badging!


Our regular price on the Ebbro R32 GT-R is $39, but use coupon code LALDJULY to take 20% off now through July 31st. As always, shipping is free in the lower 48 states.