With apologies for the late announcement, I’m pleased to unveil January’s surprise Model of the Month: AUTOart’s 1:18-scale composite Lexus LC500. That’s right, one of the most highly anticipated new model releases in recent memory is our specially priced MOTM. I know, crazy, right?

We’ve fielded a lot of requests for the sexy Lexy since AUTOart first announced it, and with good reason. The LC500 is perhaps the finest composite-bodied model AUTOart has released; if you follow our product offerings, you’ll know that we have been very picky about which of these plastic cars we’ve chosen to sell. The LC500 meets our high standards...boy, does it ever. The paint and trim are absolutely gorgeous, and the car’s signature grill is a triumph. The interior is typical AUTOart, meaning, brilliant. The car even features a retractable spoiler (though you’re advised to handle with care).

Our regular price for the LC500 will be $190 for the Metallic Red version, and $180 for Black. But for LaLD readers, we’re offering a ten percent discount through January 31st. Just use promo code LALDJAN at checkout to claim your savings. (Limit: one per customer.)


Please note that we are intially offering the LC500 on a pre-order basis. AUTOart advises that they expect to receive the car on January 16th, so we should be fulfilling orders by the 19th.