Big things with little cars

Mods are bad

Progress is bad. The original style of the Matchbox cars was the epitome. No “glass”, no interior, basic wheels (which have a meaty offroad feel), simplistic lines, and maybe two paint colours to provide the bare minimum of detail.

And of course the matchbox themed box they came in was perfection.
Image: Worthpoint

My obsession started in the 80s, and by then the diecast 1:64 world of cars had gotten too detailed. But no QUITE detailed enough! All the models fall into a sort of “uncanny valley” of design. Not enough detail to be satisfied with. Which is why the intensely un-detailed earliest versions are my favourites. You simply cannot get a satisfactory level of detail from the 1:64 (which is the perfect size to carry around to play with), and the lesser scaked models like 1:18s and such, which have the level of detail, are just so big you need a warehouse of desk space to display a collection (not to mention the cost to own).


Mods are bad. Progress is bad. Simplify and add lightness enjoyment. Less IS more.

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