Been having a dry spell for a couple weeks, havent found anything aside from a MB Land Rover Defender 110 in a dollar store even though i hit literally 20 stores in the last 2 weeks. Even started buying a few old MBs from eBay to feed the addiction...then yesterday happened. Hit a half abandoned KMart that hasnt restocked in almost a year since I saw a yellow 620 there a few weeks ago and a friend mentioned he needed one...and it turns out they restocked.

Found a bunch of stuff, then hit a Target on the way home that also hasn’t restocked in weeks, but they put out more Real Riders so i grabbed a couple extra...still cant find a 180sx (which drove the 20 store frenzy) but finally found the Brat. Also found the Enforcer TH, which normally isnt my thing...but I rarely find THs around here.

In addition to that, one of the eBay purchases showed up in the mail...and a good day was had by all (well, me at least!)